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High plateaux, sheer peaks, natural parks, charming villages… this mountainous department offers 22 resorts across four mountain ranges. With snow-covered summits, winter offers legendary ski runs and vast ski areas.

Isère’s heart beats to the rythm of majestic nature.

It vibrates particularly in the mountains. Les Ecrins national park, 2 regional parks - Le Vercors and La Chartreuse, large massifs such as Belledonne and Les Grandes Rousses offer a diversity of exceptional landscapes.

Valleys, forests, lakes, plateaus, high peaks, glaciers spread from the plain to an altitude of 3,600 m. Decked in their winter robe, they express all their power and beauty.

Isère is just a stone's throw from the large urban centres of Lyon and Grenoble, capital and gateway to the French Alpes.

Beautiful, alive unspoiled natural spaces for locals and tourists to explore. Discover these beautiful mountains in the 22 Isère ski resorts.

Explore, challenge yourself, recharge your batteries and wind down. Such splendid nature inspires and motivates. Isère is the ideal destination for a relaxing holiday, surrounded by generosity.

Once again, this winter, the local population - ski and tourism professionals and hotel and restaurant staff - are ready to pass on the their secrets about its beauty and the benefits. Our talented and creative locals ensure you discover unique experiences, with something for everyone: skiing, gliding, walking, flying, tasing or simply watching, listening, and feeling.

The region offers a rich palette of experiences for tourists in search of peace, fresh air and experiences. Share, escape, focus, feel and refresh in stunning serene surroundings.



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