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Michelin-starred restaurants

Come and taste exceptional French gastronomy in Isère. With no fewer than seven Michelin-starred restaurants, including the first ever restaurant in France to have been awarded a star by the famous red guide, Isère is a dream setting with a menu of a thousand flavours and fine cuisine. Michelin-starred of course!

** La Pyramide in Vienne

Restaurant la Pyramide à Vienne

In 1925, the restaurant, run by Fernand Point at the time, was a temple of French cuisine, and the first in France to be awarded a Michelin star, the symbol of excellence in French gastronomy represented throughout the world by Point alongside chefs Bocuse, Troisgros and others.

"We want to work without forgetting, but without forgetting to keep up-to-date," is the motto of Patrick Henriroux, owner and Chef of the establishment since 1989, and his team who have become both heirs and torchbearers at the highest peak of creative gastronomy. As well as its 2 Michelin star rating, La Pyramide has been part of Relais & Châteaux since 1999.

Unique in the world, the cellar contains more than 28,000 bottles, including some unusual bottles from the 19th century and an impressive collection of Chartreuse liqueurs.

Phone: +33 (0)4 74 53 01 96


** Maison Aribert in Uriage-les-Bains

After 15 years at Les Terrasses, chef Christophe Aribert, with his 2 Michelin stars and 4 Chef's hats from Gault & Millau, decided to open his own establishment.

In the heart of the Parc d'Uriage a short distance from Les Terrasses, he renovated the Grand Chalet, an old 19th-century building, which is now La Maison Aribert.

Chef Christophe Aribert serves contemporary and highly inventive cuisine. Trained at the Tour d'Argent and at the Crillon during Constant's time, he honed his skills under his predecessor, and succeeded him while retaining the 2 precious stars.

He delights in giving his own take on the gastronomic riches of his native Vercors and neighbouring regions in his style: crayfish and trout, fish from the lake, Grenoble walnuts, Alpine cheeses, mountain herbs and, more unusually, Antésite concentrate, a type of aromatic syrup made with plant extracts produced in Voiron (Isère).

His cuisine is characterised by an incredible curiosity and bold combinations. "Two or three, no more, so as not to kill the product", says the chef, who presents surprising marriages of flavours: mushroom and liquorice, red cabbage and chocolate, beetroot, greengage and vanilla....

The establishment also has five guest rooms, a cafe, an indoor permaculture garden, a private salon and a therapeutic area dedicated to naturopathy and etiopathy.

Phone: +33 (0)4 58 17 48 30


* La Table de Philippe Girardon at Le Domaine de Clairefontaine in Chonas-l’Amballan

Once a peaceful haven for the Bishops of Lyon, Laurence and Philippe Girardon welcome you to this exceptional setting halfway between Valence and Vienne.

In a quiet, beautiful green area with 300-year-old trees (the park is listed by the Office National des Forêts), Le Domaine extends over three hectares in the heart of the village of Chonas-l'Amballan, and offers 37 rooms.

The gastronomic restaurant is set in the charming interior of the "Maison de Maître" (former home of the owner).

Philippe Girardon, winner of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France competition in 1997, invites you to discover local Isère products, some from his garden, which are all carefully selected and prepared with the utmost skill to highlight their quality.

Experience the pleasures of nature in a gastronomic establishment!

Phone: +33 (0)4 74 58 81 52


* Le P'tit Polyte - Chalet Mounier in les 2 Alpes

Once upon a time, in a magical setting facing the Écrins National Park, a small mountain refuge became a farm and inn in 1879.

In 1933, the Mounier family turned the refuge into a hotel. Today, Georgia, Robert and Alban Mounier run the establishment with passion and keep alive a mountain tradition of warmth and hospitality. It’s a true breath of fresh air!

As well as being a beautiful 3-star hotel, the relaxation area is simply irresistible. In the kitchen, chefs Emilie Paris and Tanguy Rattier offer top-quality cuisine, beautifully complemented by a selection of exceptional wines. That's what it took to win a Michelin star again.

Winter and summer, enjoy the pleasure of this new art of living in the mountains! 

Phone: +33 (0)4 76 80 56 90


* L'Emulsion in Saint-Alban-de-Roche

L'Emulsion restaurant offers modern gourmet cuisine. 

Chef Romain Hubert's aim? To open the doors to good food for everyone. Born in Isère, Oriane and Romain love the land and its villages. Their adventure in Saint-Alban-de-Roche began in 2011 when they fell in love with an old farmhouse. And it is within these ancient walls that have changed with the seasons and been influenced by their occupants, that the couple opened a gastronomic restaurant. While the story was started by these two people, it unfolds daily through each of their guests, whether they are passing through or are from the region.
Phone: +33 (0)4 74 28 19 12


* L'Ambroisie in Saint-Didier-de-la-Tour

A view of the lake, a softly muted decor and a terrace surrounded by beautiful plane trees... What could be more relaxing?

This setting - located on the shores of Lac St Félix - matches perfectly with the restaurant's offering: fine and delicate, with each dish carefully planned and meticulously prepared to bring out the full range of flavours. 

The menu is deliberately short, changing weekly to make sure all the produce is in season and that every dish is cooked with real joy.

Phone: +33 (0)4 74 97 25 53

* Fantin Latour in Grenoble

Chef Stéphane Froidevaux wins his first star.

Trained by Marc Veyrat, Stéphane Froidevaux draws his inspiration from the mountains. His work is meticulous, tasty and creative without being overly wild, and always reflects his relationship with nature, just like the herbs and flowers he brings back from foraging.

Housed in the former Fantin Latour museum, this magnificent 19th-century mansion in the heart of Grenoble is a peaceful haven with a flower garden where a rooster and a few hens peck around in the company of rabbits and beehives crammed with honey, and a 200-year-old lime tree.

Phone: +33 (0)4 76 04 79 67