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Chartreuse Regional Natural Park

As an introduction to the massif of Chartreuse, we can cite the author Stendhal (born in Grenoble) who described it as "the emerald of the Alps".

A green setting with a halo of limestone cliffs, the Chartreuse Natural Park is uniquely rich in natural resources, human culture and heritage treasures.

The regional natural park

Classified since 1995, the regional park is an open but protected area in a unique natural space with its limestone cliffs covered in greenery

A green setting with a halo of limestone cliffs, the Chartreuse Natural Park is also rich in human culture and heritage treasures

With Chambéry to the north, Grenoble to the south and Voiron to the west, between Isère and Savoie, the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park covers 69,000 hectares and 52 towns and villages.

Mushroom-picking, watching wildlife, skiing, snowshoe walks, hikes… Whether you are active or more contemplative by nature, you are bound to find happiness in the Chartreuse area.


A paradise for fauna and flora

The Chartreuse Natural Park shelters forests, meadows, streams and rocky areas. More than 2000 plant species live in its countryside, a surprisingly wide range linked to the diversity of its habitats, which support species with very different ecological requirements. Nearly half of all mammal and bird species in France have elected to live in this little area.


The "Skills Route" and cultural sites

Another way to explore Chartreuse is to take the “Route des Savoir-faire” (“Skills Route”). This itinerary encompasses all the craftspeople and tourist attractions in the mountain range. Artisan glove-makers, liqueur-makers, wine-growers, cheese-makers… All of them love to welcome visitors to their area and share their skills, which are handed down from generation to generation.


A bit of history

In the 11th century, the Carthusian Fathers fell under its charm to the extent that they built their monastery at the foot of Charmant Som, in the village of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse.

The community of about 30 monks is still living in the lonely and quiet atmosphere of the monastery since 1 000 years. They are the secret keepers of the famous Chartreuse liquor recipe.


During the ski season…

Situated at a lower altitude than the other mountains of Isère, the Chartreuse mountain range offers more forests and meadows areas.

Although its ski area is known for being « old school », as they notably follow natural contours in the terrain, and are particularly popular among experienced skiers.

Chartreuse resorts have maintained a human scale and are probably where you can experience authentic mountain life to the highest degree.

Conserved natural environment, family atmosphere and an authentic mountain feeling is what you will get in the Chartreuse resorts and ski area.