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With 12 golf courses throughout Isère, both experienced and amateur golfers can spend weeks practising their swing in fresh mountain air with an alpine backdrop. From 18-hole courses surrounded by mountains to 9-hole courses in the valley, there are greens to suit every ability.


Isère is characterised by the diversity of its landscapes. The same can be said of its golf courses. Some are located in the mountains, others in the plain.

Golf in the mountains

Although the golf courses of Alpe d'Huez and Les Deux-Alpes are only accessible in the summer, the one in Corrençon-en-Vercors remains open until November (ask about conditions beforehand). Set in the forest and designed by Hugues Lambert, the architect famous for many golf courses in mountain areas, it offers a magnificent view over the surrounding mountains. It is also one of the four golf courses in Isère to offer an 18-hole course.

The Vercors-Trièves golf course in Gresse en Vercors, in a much less academic style, offers a course on the ski slopes which may be adapted according to the conditions. Finally, the Uriage golf course offers a 9-hole course and a range open to all.


Golf in the plain

Two golf courses overlook the urban area of Grenoble in a varied setting with a view over the mountains: the famous Grenoble-Bresson one offers an 18-hole course, and the Seyssins one has a short and rather technical 9-hole course.
At the foot of the Vercors, Charmeil golf course offers an 18-hole course. A 3-star hotel, located on the property, promises a comfortable stay. Slightly further north, the Bièvre golf course in Faramans, has been designed as a training centre. Try the sport for the first time here. Finally, in northern Isère, at the gateway to the Lyons urban area, the Trois Vallons golf course in Isle d'Abeau, a 9-hole public golf course, therefore, one of the best in terms of value for money, and the 18-hole Club de Lyon golf course, both designed by Robert Berthet, welcome you in a natural setting. The final one is the Campanil golf club in Corbelin, a 9-hole pitch and putt type course.


A game, a leisure activity and a sport, golf is everything at the same time...

A breath of fresh air

Playing golf means walking an average of between 6 and 8 km over hilly ground. For some golf courses in Isère, this is sometimes in high-altitude conditions.
The effort of walking fast, because it is necessary not to slow down the following players, is combined with the need for concentration in order to hit the ball (or swing). There are also the different types of stroke to master, chip* or drive*, which will allow you to progress and improve your handicap*.

Warming up

Many golfers do not warm up. Yet, it has been proven that it greatly improves your game, the speed of the club’s impact on the ball and the speed of the ball. And, of course, it reduces the risk of injury.

Conviviality and Etiquette

Another aspect of this sport is the contact it offers with other players, regardless of generation or level.
Etiquette refers to all the rules specific to golf, namely respect for safety (not to play while the players ahead of you are still in range, warning other players if your ball veers off in a dangerous direction by shouting “ball”, playing at a steady pace, allowing the group behind you to pass if they catch you up, avoiding disturbing a player by talking to him or standing too close to him, etc.).
Respect for the course, which means not leaving anything behind you (replacing clumps of earth, levelling the sand in bunkers, not dragging your feet on the green, etc.).