Isère Tourism

Great lakes

In summer, nothing beats messing about on the water. As temperatures rise, visitors come to cool down, sunbathe, picnic, walk, cycle, but mostly for watersports. Reflecting the alpine scenery, Isère's lakes add dazzling colour to the landscape. One of the department’s most popular treasures, our best-known great lakes are Laffrey, Paladru and Monteynard, with two dizzying Himalayan footbridges.

One of the department’s most popular treasures

The great lakes of Isère, all less than an hour's drive of the major cities, are havens for families, anglers and other watersports enthusiasts.
The best known are Monteynard, Laffrey and Paladru. Nearby, the areas of Trieves, Matheysine and the Voironnais lend themselves to many outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking or mountain biking.



Lake Laffrey

On the banks of the biggest lake in Matheysine, lake Laffrey is one of the 8th biggest natural lake in France.

No matter if it’s for an idleness day, a playful moment with family or to enjoy sailing’s pleasures, it’s your choice how you would like to encounter the lake of Laffrey.

900 m high, with a changing blue color, it offers you all the water activities: swimming, sailboat, sailboard or paddle.

It is a paradise for fans of windsurfing and dinghy sailing.

Laffrey is also a major historical site on the Napoleon route. Napoleon landed there after crossing the Mure, on 7 March 1815.




Lake Paladru

Charavines, a welcoming village and popular tourist attraction, lively and steeped in culture, stands on the banks of Lake Paladru, halfway between Lyon, Grenoble and Chambéry.

It is the 5th largest natural lake in France. Remarkable for its beautiful setting and clear waters, the lake offers you a wide range of outdoor activities: walks, sunbathing, swimming, cycling and pedal boating as week as a olace of relaxation.

Beaches and campsites await you for enjoyable weekends and relaxing or sporty holidays.

With its 25 °C waters in mid-summer, swimming in a true delight for both young and old alike.




Lake Monteynard

At the heart of the small villages, rediscover the traditions of our ancestors. At the markets, you can taste a thousand-and-one local delicacies while shooting the breeze with the producers, who are never short of anecdotes.

Paradise of kitesurfers, Monteynard Lake is also a destination of choice for hikers and mountain bikers, offering stunning and vertiginous views of the lake and its surroundings.


The 2 himalayan bridges are between 45 and 85 meters high above the lake. Unique in Europe, they are 180 and 220 meters long, 1.20 meter wide. Thanks to these constructions that span the Drac and the Ebron Rivers, it is now possible to walk around the whole lake.

Here is a small tip: carry a picnic with you as there are many spots along the way that are ideal to take a break or a snack while enjoying a fantastic panorama of Monteynard Lake.