Great lakes

In summer, nothing beats messing about on the water. As temperatures rise, visitors come to cool down, sunbathe, picnic, walk, cycle, but mostly for watersports. Reflecting the alpine scenery, Isère's lakes add dazzling colour to the landscape. One of the department’s most popular treasures, our best-known great lakes are Laffrey, Paladru and Monteynard, with two dizzying Himalayan footbridges.

One of the department’s most popular treasures

The great lakes of Isère, all less than an hour's drive of the major cities, are havens for families, anglers and other watersports enthusiasts.
The best known are Monteynard, Laffrey and Paladru. Nearby, the areas of Trieves, Matheysine and the Voironnais lend themselves to many outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking or mountain biking.