Isère Tourism

30 timed cycle routes

Ascents to L'Alpe d'Huez, the Marmotte route, all the mountain passes and ascents to the hillside villages and resorts. Measure your solo, duo or club performances, and find all the times and overall rankings on the Internet.

How it works

Each route (ascents up the mountain passes, uphill rides to the hillside villages and resorts) has a Timtoo Timing terminal at the start and finish, both of which are triggered by a chip that identifies each cyclist.

The chip is valid for all Timtoo Timing routes in France, Italy and Switzerland.




Welcoming tourists on a cycling holiday requires a few special arrangements, as well as a good knowledge of this activity, in order to provide a quality package tailored to cyclists’ needs and expectations. This effort has been made by many accommodation providers in the department, so here are a few recommended places where you’ll receive a warm welcome, along with space for your favourite bike!