Les Sept Laux

domaine skiable 7 Laux

As one of the main resorts in the massif of Belledonne, Les 7 Laux can be described with one word: dynamic. Conveyed through a student-friendly policy and some lively events such as a freestyle contest (combined with a huge barbecue!) or a monoski revival ! It can also be seen through the attention paid to the equipment : 90% of the lifts have been renewed over the last 10 years, which means more comfort and less waiting !

You can access 120 km of pistes, always under the sun as you will be able to ski on both mountain slopes, with a panoramic view over the Alps. If you are eager for immaculate snow, the resort has a large secured offpiste area in les Vallons du Pra, also known as ‘the white gem’ of 7 Laux. Great for families but also lively, Les 7 Laux has everything to seduce you !

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domaine skiable 7 LauxVue du Domaine Skiable7 Laux sommet des pistes
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