Isère Tourism

Freeride and ski touring

Grab your skis, spot the perfect line... and ride!


Take you flight up to heaven!

In Les 2 Alpes offer you a speedriding session with an instructor.

A different sensation to paragliding, it’s even more adrenaline-fuelled! Speedriding is a combination of freestyle paragliding, freeride, snowkiting and parachuting…

The aim is to tease the powder snow  ... « touch and go », flying and skiing at the same time. Thrills guaranteed.


Ski touring and designated touring trails

Les 7 Laux Freeride Package

The resort offers a freeride package that literally takes you off the beaten track.
The announcement was discreet... it’s been such a long time coming that we feared it a resounding success.
€14 for 3 chairlifts to the stunning backcountry for freeriders (beware of off-piste skiiers).
You’ll have to walk a bit, but the mountain is worth it!

Alpe d'Huez

Alpe d'Huez has five ski-touring routes: L’initiatique, La Panoramique, Le Canyon, La Verticale 2100 and Col Blanc.
Accessible during slope opening hours, the routes are marked with signs and purple milestones.
The start is marked with an flag and a sign. The descent follows the nearby downhill ski slopes.
These routes, accessed freely, are not groomed or maintained. No liability is accepted.


The idea is to give participants their first experience in ski touring in a relaxed environment.

It takes place not far from the ski area, and is a chance for anyone who might find powder snow tricky to reach the marked-out slopes more easily. -

Les 2 Alpes 5500m D+ challenge

Because customers change and crave freedom and the great outdoors, the French ski school (ESF) offers a challenging ski-touring programme: 5-days with 5,500m of elevation.
The goal is to improve both physical fitness and mental health while discovering the snow-capped peaks differently.
Given the off-piste conditions, participants are also trained to use avalanche victim detectors, to assess weather conditions and to evaluate snowpack conditions.
It’s an informative and rational approach to ski-touring!


Permanent circular route in Alpette in Oz - discover ski touring

A new marked ski-touring route is available in the Oz-Vaujany resort in safe conditions.
Experience the joys of ski-touring, learn and progress in safe backcountry conditions on the Plateau des Lacs at 2,000 m.
With low elevation, the route is accessible to beginners.
Length: 2500 m, positive elevation: 250 m.

Guided outings possible


Safe marked ski-touring routes in Chamrousse

The Chamrousse ski-touring route is 4 km, with 510 m elevation. Safe and marked, the route is accessible to all from Bachat Bouloud in Chamrousse 1750, with a second safe and marked area at the beginning of the Casserousse bend.
It’s a popular access for seal-hide skin enthusiasts wanting to reach backcountry routes that lead to Lac des Pourettes and Lacs Roberts. Leave from Casserousse car park free of charge. Proficient level required. The course of 1.1 km with 400 m of elevation is open daily from 8:30am to 6:00pm.






Be prepared to go off the boundary in Les 2 Alpes

Every Tuesday, Les 2 Alpes mountain guides office, and the Tourist Office run a «FREERIDE ATTITUDE» workshop: raising awareness about the risks of going off-piste, giving presentations on the use of safety equipment (avalanche beacon, shovel and probe), answering questions and organizing professionally run Freeride sessions.


The exceptional off-piste domain of Alpe d'Huez

The off-piste domain is one of the largest and most varied in the French Alps! It has more than 70 routes! Alpe d’Huez’s high mountain guides offer outings adapted to the level and desires of everyone, suiting those who love steep slopes to those who love long ski rides.