Itinéraire de Vélo à Assistance Electrique

Autrans-Méaudre Valley in Vercors - The Via Vercors from Méaudre

Take to the trails of this open valley full of woodlands and hamlets. Most of this itinerary is safe and free from motorised vehicles, giving you the chance to enjoy a pleasant, entertaining discovery of the local heritage and beautiful scenery.

Starts at the swimming pool car park. Take the Via Vercors cycle path towards Autrans. The track leads you to a small road. Turn right to travel via La Truite, turn right again, cross the D106 road, and rejoin the track on the other side, still heading towards Autrans. At the village, go via the centre and turn right at the square to reach the Claret site roundabout. Go left towards Le Cornet, then turn right towards Le Truc. At Le Truc, follow the signs to Le Bouchet. Follow the Via Vercors cycle path on a track that leads to the D106C road. Continue to Les Gaillardes. Stay on the Via Vercors which then goes left towards Les Arnauds, La Bourrière and Les Aguiards. Just after Les Aguiards, the itinerary goes off to the left. Stay on the track, straight ahead. At the first intersection, you can take a shortcut of about 4 km by turning right to head back to the village of Méaudre. Otherwise, go straight on via Les Girauds and Le Coin, then cross the D106, turning right, then left immediately after the bridge. Follow the waymarkers back to the village.

Technical information

Sports cyclistes, Véloroute et voie verte, Itinéraire de Vélo à Assistance Electrique

18.7 km

Trail type:

Elevation gain:
260 m

Elevation drop:
260 m

Daily duration:
1h 20m

Terrain type:
Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring), Grit

Map references:
A printed version of the Via Vercors map is available from the Vercors 4 Montagnes tourist offices, free of charge.

Difficult sections:
Please be careful on the short but busy road section between Le Coin and the village of Méaudre.

Type of waymarkers:
This itinerary is waymarked with orange panels that also provide information about the local savoir-faire, which you can witness for yourself wherever you see the green sign displayed by Via Vercors partners. These facilities and installations are of high quality and deserve to be protected from deterioration of any kind.

Practical information

Pets allowed
En laisse.
Aire de pique-nique
Free of charge

Please note

This itinerary crosses the villages of Autrans and Méaudre and explores the surrounding area. You'll find some fun places to stop along the way, with children’s play areas and family-friendly spots with viewfinders pointed at the summits, donkey rides, benches, etc. Picnic areas are also at your disposal with large, comfortable picnic tables made with local resources in a rustic style that invites togetherness. Don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to meet local farmers and craftspeople.

By applying a few basic rules we can all learn to co-exist, respectfully united by the Via Vercors spirit.

- Adapt your speed in the presence of livestock herds or farm machinery
- Many animal species are protected.
If you come across any wild animals, avoid frightening or disturbing them and do not try to touch them.
- Do not pick the plants or flowers, some of which are protected or threatened species.
- Do not light fires.
- Leave the site clean and take your rubbish away with you.
You’ll find recycle bins in all the hamlets.
- Keep dogs on a lead to avoid accidents and awkward situations.
- Be mindful of other users, be they mountain-bikers, horse-riders, local residents, walkers, farmers or foresters.

Politeness is very much appreciated among Via Vercors users and may well help you meet some interesting people!

To vary your excursions, there are 4 Via Vercors alternatives on the 4 mountains: From Villard de Lans to Méaudre (and back). From Saint Nizier du Moucherotte to Lans en Vercors (and back). From Lans en Vercors to Villard de Lans (and back). From Villard de Lans to Corrençon en Vercors (and back).

History, culture and heritage

Along the way you’ll notice some houses with strange stepped roofs.
This is because the farmhouses were designed to protect the inhabitants from some often harsh climatic conditions. The purpose of the stone slabs on the gable ends was to protect the thatched roof from the wind. These “crow-step” gables ensured rain didn’t seep into the walls. You'll also notice that the traditional houses face the midday sun and are protected by vast, low-hanging roofs.

Cyclist facilities

In Méaudre village centre, you can rent Ebikes from Cycles & Co - Skimium.

Contact details & information

OTI Vercors

Getting here

  • Parking de la Piscine
    386, route du Méaudret
    38112 Autrans-Méaudre en Vercors

Starts at Méaudre swimming pool car park, at the entrance to the village.
50 minutes away from Grenoble (42 km).
Accessible by a bus service run by Transisère (Route 5110 and 5120, from Grenoble bus station).

Opening times

All year round.
Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.


Information updated on 07/03/2023 by Office de Tourisme Intercommunal du Vercors

Your itinerary

Autrans-Méaudre Valley in Vercors - The Via Vercors from Méaudre

Parking de la Piscine
386, route du Méaudret
38112 Autrans-Méaudre en Vercors

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