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Jazz à Vienne Festival

The Jazz à Vienne Festival needs no introduction. For more than 30 years this unmissable jazz gathering in France has been setting the tempo for our summer nights.

Jazz is everywhere

For two weeks between June and July, the whole city of Vienne beats to the sound of jazz.

Concerts mainly take place in the famous Antique Theatre, which hosts the headline acts of the season. 

Over the years other settings have been adopted. Nowadays, concerts and evenings take place in other venues, each with a different ambience such as: Club de Minuit, Kiosque, Scène de Cybèle, JazzMix, Caravan'Jazz, Jazz Parade, Musaïques, Lettre sur COur, Académie, ReZZo and Tremplin Focal Jazz à Vienne.

Jazz, but not only jazz

Every year, jazz takes pride of place, but there are also evenings dedicated to other types of music, such as hip-hop, folk, afro, electro, soul, fusion, world. There's something for everyone, and you'll find all kinds of music here.

Check out the date and don't miss the next edition!