Saint Hilaire du Touvet


Only thirty minutes from Grenoble, the charming family resort of Saint-Hilaire-du- Touvet is located on the plateau des Petites Roches, at around 1000 metres high. The plateau projects over the Grésivaudan valley, forming a kind of natural balcony, and faces the massif of Belledonne, on which the view is breathtaking from the resort.

Alpine skiing pistes are exclusively on offer, and the intermediate level of difficulty makes it a great place to learn how to ski. If you are spending some time in Saint-Hilaire-du- Touvet at the start of the winter season, do not miss its curiosity: the funicular, which climbs the steepest slope in Europe (83%) and covers a 740 metres altitude difference in just twenty minutes !

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0 / 8 km of open slopes

  • 0 / 0 green slopes
  • 0 / 3 blue slopes
  • 0 / 5 red slopes
  • 0 / 2 black slopes

Prices Domaine alpin de St Hilaire du Touvet:

Adult 1/2 day: de 11,50 à 13,00 €
Adult 1 day: 14,00 €
Child 1/2 day: de 8,10 à 10,00 €
Child 1 day: 11,00 €

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Saint Hilaire du Touvet


Resort closed
Last snowfall: 25.03.20
Last update: 18.05.20 09:02:04

N/A 1000m 1450m

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Saint Hilaire du Touvet

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