Lans en Vercors / Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte

Lans en Vercors / Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte

Gain some height in Lans-en-Vercors / Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte. Saint-Nizier is the highest village in the massif of Vercors and you will love the breathtaking view over the Alps from its belvedere. Whilst skiing, you will also frequently delight in impressive views. The one from the ’Vertige des Cimes’ footbridge (300 metres of void under your feet and a 360° view) may be the most impressive of all.

The resort offers a wide range of snow activities: both alpine and nordic skiing, an alpine skiing learning space, a ‘snow garden’ for 4-8 year olds, a boardercross and freestyle area, 30 kilometres of snowshoe tracks, and even a 30 metres high frozen waterfall to climb !

Further information

23 km of open slopes

  • 1 green slopes
  • 11 blue slopes
  • 7 red slopes
  • 7 black slopes

Prices Domaine alpin des Montagnes de Lans:

Adult 1 day: de 16,50 à 22,00 €
Adult 1 week: de 93,50 à 124,70 €
Child 1 day: de 14,10 à 18,80 €
Child 1 week: de 79,10 à 105,50 €

Prices Parc de loisirs de l'Aigle:

Adult 1 day: de 7,90 à 7,90 €
Child 1 day: de 6,20 à 6,20 €

30 km of slopes

  • 1 green slopes
  • 1 blue slopes
  • 2 red slopes

Useful information

Office de Tourisme Intercommunal Vercors - Bureau d'Information Touristique de Lans-en-Vercors


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Lans en Vercors / Saint-Nizier-du-Moucherotte

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