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From Vals du Dauphiné to the Pays des Couleurs

From Vals du Dauphiné to the Pays des Couleurs

Art, literature, and a hint of green

From the painters of Morestel to the literary village of Brangues, this loop has a distinctive artistic and cultural note to it. And for cyclists, it’s like a country holiday!

Musée d’Aoste

The Musée d’Aoste explores the history of Aoste during the Gallo-Roman era, a period of prosperity for the village thanks to its strategic location between Vienne and Italy. The exhibits outline the daily lives of the inhabitants, production activities, religious practices, and the crafts of the era, notably ceramics.
The museum is home to a large collection of artefacts, thanks to the wealth of Gallo-Roman archaeological discoveries in the area.

Morestel "the city of painters"

Built on a rocky promontory topped with a medieval tower, Morestel has attracted numerous artists ever since the 19th century, and is known as “the city of painters.” You’ll want to visit the fortified section of the old city and the castle tower with its panoramic map. Other highlights include a magnificent flower garden landscaped to resemble a painter’s palette, a beautiful heritage tour, as well as tours of the city’s extensive flower gardens.

Brangues "literary village"

Located in the canton of Morestel, the town of Brangues calls itself a “literary village,” since its history has been marked by two famous writers. This is where the Berthet affair took place, a historical event that inspired Stendhal’s novel Le Rouge et le Noir. This town on the banks of the Rhône was also home to writer Paul Claudel. His chateau is privately owned by members of the Claudel family, but his gravesite and its Japanese garden can be visited on local heritage days (‘Journées du Patrimoine’). The Claudel-Stendhal exhibition space is dedicated to these two writers and their connection to the village.

Parc Walibi

On a more playful note, Parc Walibi, located in Avenières, offers a waterpark and other thrilling rides, all in a musical setting.

Panoramic views not to miss

  • Morestel: the medieval tower with panoramic map, views of the Bugey region and the Alps.
  • Vasselin: Mont Gerlandes.
  • Passins: the esplanade of the church, offering views of the Bugey and Savoie regions.
  • Cycl’Oxygene: bike sales, maintenance, and repairs. Z.A du Lantey - 38510 Passins. Tel. +33 (0)4 74 27 22 57.
  • Drinking water is available at the Halles de Morestel.
  • In Morestel, shelter can be found at the covered market area at the Place des Halles. Bike racks available at the tourist offi ce (at the foot of the old city).

Père Louis's ostrich farm

Passionate about these unusual birds, Père Louis has established a breeding farm in Vézeronce-Curtin, not far from Morestel.
Père Louis will take you on a lively, entertaining visit of his farm, teaching you all of the particularities of these little-known birds. You can purchase ostrich eggs (nourishing and decorative) as well as meat, pâté, dry-cured sausage, and gift baskets. How trendy!
RN 75 - 38510 Vézéronce-Curtin.
Tel. + 33 (0)4 74 80 15 38 or +33 (0)6 82 67 49 79.

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From Vals du Dauphiné to the Pays des Couleurs


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