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Water and rock

In the valley of Eau d’Olle, between Belledonne and Grandes Rousses, the natural landscape is worthy of a postcard. The waters of Lac du Verney add an aquatic element to this rocky, mineral universe.

Lac du Verney

The 75-hectare Lac du Verney is shared by the communities of Allemont and Oz-en-Oisans. Formed by a hydroelectric dam, the lake offers a host of enjoyable aquatic activities in a mountain setting, including paddle boating, canoeing, windsurfi ng, fi shing, and Optimist sailing.
The waters of the lake mirror the mountain ranges surrounding the Eau d’Olle valley. These mountains can be reached by way of the Glandon and Croix-de-Fer cols.

Hydrélec museum

The Hydrélec museum, located in Vaujany, presents the history and features of this dam, which functions in conjunction with the Grand-Maison dam, located upstream. There is also information on related subjects like different types of energysources and new technologies.

Maison du bouquetin

The Musée du Rivier, in Allemont, is divided into two sections. One part of the museum is devoted to ibex, while the other section covers the history of Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory’s plane crash on 14 November 1944, above Rivier d’Allemont.
The section of the Rivier museum devoted to ibex is called the Maison du Bouquetin. It provides a detailed study of this emblematic animal, which was nearly extinct by the late 19th century. Today, ibex have been reintroduced in various mountain ranges in France. You’ll learn about their morphology, habitat, diet, social behaviour, and predators. There is also information on how the ibex population was restored, and the related scientifi c studies in the Belledonne range. The various themes are presented in the form of modern exhibits, with fi lms, games, posters, and mountain outings.

Espace York Mallory

The other part of the Rivier museum, Espace York Mallory, tells a dramatic true story. In November 1944, the great British Air Marshall Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory was killed in a mysterious plane crash above Rivier d’Allemont. Leigh-Mallory had commanded Allied aviation during D-Day in Normandy. This bit of history is illustrated with a documentary fi lm featuring various interviews. The museum also displays parts of the plane and its cargo. The victims of the crash are buried in Rivier d’Allemont’s small cemetery.

Farcis de l'Oisans

This Oisans dish was traditionally made at the end of winter, when food was scarce.
Preparation and cooking time: 2 hours
Ingredients for 4 to 6 people:
800 g to 1 kg stale bread, cubed
1 kg salt belly pork
1 sausage (600-800 g)
50 g butter
100 g onions
500 g leeks
100 g fl our
1 kg potatoes
salt and pepper.
Cook the pork and sausage separately in boiling water. Chop the onions and the white part of the leeks and sauté them in butter. Add about 2 litres of cooking water from the pork to the onion-leek mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 30 minutes.
Pour this mixture onto the cubes of stale bread, and wait for the bread to absorb the liquid. Squeeze the damp bread into egg-sized dumplings, and roll them in fl our. Place the dumplings gently in the cooking water for the pork or sausage.
Simmer gently for about 10 minutes.
Boil the potatoes separately.
Serve 2 or 3 dumplings per person with a piece of pork, slices of sausage, and a couple of potatoes.
Today this festive dish is served in certain gîtes and restaurants, accompanied by a salad.

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