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Lac de Paladru tour

Lac de Paladru

Watery treasures

Lac de Paladru, a watery sapphire in a setting of greenery, is the centrepiece of this route. Along the way you’ll also come across various archaeological and historical gems, like the Charavines museum and the Château de Virieu.

Lac de Paladru

Lac de Paladru is the fifth largest natural lake in France. This glacial lake is also known as the lac bleu (blue lake) for its vibrant colour. The
water temperature often reaches 25° in the summer, making for excellent swimming. Most of the beaches are located in the communities of Charavines, Montferrat and Le Pin. Lac de Palandru is also a popular spot for rowing, paddle boating, and fishing. The lake’s charm is enhanced by the surrounding wooded hillsides, which rise to an altitude of 800 metres.
The lake has also been the source of some incredible archaeological discoveries. Underwater excavations have produced remnants of both Neolithic civilisation and inhabitations dating back to around the year 1000 AD. These internationally renowned discoveries are displayed
in the Lac de Palandru archaeological museum, located in Charavines.

Grange dîmière

Not far from the lake, the community of Pin is home to a beautiful old barn called the Grange Dîmière. Dating back to the 17th century, the
building was once part of the Sylve Bénite Carthusian monastery. Now a registered historic landmark, the barn originally served to store tithes and other payments made in kind, as well as the local harvests. Today the building provides a beautiful setting for contemporary exhibitions and performances. Dating back to the year 1000 AD, the Château de Virieu, in Virieu-sur-Bourbre, is another splendid remnant of the past. You can visit the castle’s sitting rooms, bedrooms,.

Château de Pupetières

Not far away, the Virieu family also built the Château de Pupetières in Châbons. Constructed in the 13th century and then destroyed during the French Revolution, the castle was rebuilt in neo-medieval style by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, who also supervised the restoration of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. The multi-coloured glazed tiles and interior décor are evidence of the decorative arts revival that took place during this period. This fanciful spot inspired the writer Lamartine and the painter Jongkind..

Beers and jams

La Frivole is a microbrewery specialised in hand brewed stock ales. Their unfi ltered, unpasteurised beers are brewed using traditional and environmentally responsible methods. After brewing, the beer is stored in underground cellars, which gives it clarity and a delicate fl avour. The brewery makes a pale ale, an amber, a stout, and their famous green beer, which is a pale ale infused with Chartreuse liqueur.
La Frivole, Tel. +33 (0)6 19 85 36 76 or +33 (0)9 51 93 00 40.
The Vergers de Louisias farm in Charavines is listed as a historic landmark. Constructed in 1805, the buildings feature earthen walls and thatched roofs. Today the farm offers delicious homemade products made from the orchard’s fruits (natural jams cooked in copper pots, candied quince, fruits in syrup, etc.) as well as seasonal fruits (strawberries, raspberries, plums, vineyard peaches, etc.).
Vergers de Louisias. Tel. +33 (0)4 76 06 66 14


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