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The four lakes route

Passerelle du Drac

Matheysine at its finest

Located at an altitude of 900 metres, Plateau Matheysin offers magnifi cent natural scenery and
several beautiful lakes, including those of Laffrey and Monteynard. History has also left its mark
on the area, from a notable visit by Napoleon to the coalmines of La Mure

The Laffrey, Petichet and Pierre Chatel lakes

The Laffrey, Petichet and Pierre Chatel lakes welcome swimmers, windsurfers, and paddle boaters, providing a calm place to take a dip when you’re not pedalling. Nearby, the turquoise waters of Lac du Monteynard are perfectly suited for windsurfing and kite surfing. At the far end of the lake, two dizzying suspension bridges connect the mountain biking and hiking trails of Trièves and Matheysine. Scenic cruises are also possible aboard the restaurant boat La Mira, which is docked in Savel.

Musée matheysin

In La Mure, the Musée Matheysin recounts the region’s rich past, illustrating its history with archaeological findings, documents, and personal accounts. Some significant events in the history of La Matheysine include a tragic episode during France’s Wars of Religion, a notable visit by Napoleon in 1815, and coal mining that continued until 1997.

Mine Image

The Mine Image museum in La Motted’Aveillans also delves into the area’s mining past. This authentic underground mine has
been converted into a museum that plunges you into the daily life of the gueules noires, as the soot-faced miners were known.
The Pierre Percée natural arch is located not far from La Motte-d’Aveillans. Formed by erosion, the limestone arch is one of the most amazing geological curiosities in Isère. The formation is one of the seven wonders of the Dauphiné.

Prairie de la Rencontre

The community of Laffrey is home to a historic site known as the Prairie de la Rencontre. Upon return from the island of Elba, Napoleon headed towards Paris to reclaim power. On 7 March 1815, he arrived in Laffrey and found himself face to face with troops sent by Louis XVIII to arrest him. Napoleon advanced towards the troops on his own, crying out, “If there is a soldier amongst you who wants to fire upon his Emperor, fire now!” Moved with emotion, the king’s soldiers lowered their arms and rallied behind Napoleon. An equestrian statue commemorates this event.

The murçon of la Mure

Murçon is an anise-fl avoured sausage made from ground pork combined with larger chunks of pork, and fl avoured with caraway seed. To cook the sausages, start them in a pot of cold, unsalted water before bringing to a boil. They are traditionally eaten with potatoes. This recipe may have been brought to Matheysine by Polish miners.
The sausages can be purchased in the shops of La Mure, or at the traditional Monday morning market, which dates back to the year 1309.

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