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Starting from the Uriage-les-Bains spa resort, this route winds midway between Piedmont and the summit of the Belledonne mountain range, in a succession of valleys and coombs, to Saint-Pierre-d’Allevard a few kilometres from the massif's other spa resort, Allevard-les-Bains. It runs through a whole host of beautiful villages and at every turn gives you a different view over the Isère Valley and Chartreuse.   On the way back, you go through the Grésivaudan Valley, a wide, flat glacial valley with the Isère River flowing through the centre.

The Miellerie de Montgoutoux in Saint-Pierre-d’Allevard presents the world of bees, from the bee-keeping profession to the tools used, the life of the bees in a glass hive and old hives.

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In the Maison des Forges, the old smithy, the Allevard Museum traces the economic, social and human history of the Allevard region. From the Middle Ages onwards, this region saw the development of craftsmanship in the processing of ferrous metals extracted from the mines in the Belledonne mountain range, and in the 19th century became a holiday resort thanks to its thermal springs.

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The 11th century church of Saint-Jean-le-Vieux is one of the oldest Roman buildings in Isère, and is listed as a Historic Monument. The altar dates from the 16th century and its tabernacle made of polychromed and gilded wood is set apart by its rich decoration and high quality craftsmanship.
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The Maison Bergès at Lancey is a superb memorial to the birth of hydroelectricity and pays tribute to the men who took part in this adventure, the very source of local, regional and national economical development.

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A large number of farms produce a variety of top quality honey, such as spring honey, acacia honey, mixed flower honey and mountain honey. During the summer, some producers set up their hives in mountain pastures.

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The Belledonne balconies


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