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Au pays de Mandrin


Forest and stoneOn the trail of Mandrin

Located at the edge of the Chambaran forest, which served as a hideout for the famous smuggler Mandrin, this route is perfect for exploring the unique architecture of Roybon, and the Chateau de Bressieux.


The historic town of Roybon charms visitors with its stone houses, red brick Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, and Statue of Liberty. The village is proud of its replica of Lady Liberty, which was a gift from Bartholdi to his friend Sainte-Romme, both prominent figures in the local community in the early 20th century.
When you visit Roybon, stop by the tourist office to get a copy of the booklet Mémoire des Galets.

Lac Roybon

Near the village, Lac de Roybon (Lake Roybon) offers a recreation area with beaches, playgrounds, and picnic sites. Access is free.
The lake is regularly stocked with trout, and fishing is authorised year round, except for the first and third Fridays of every month.

Madone Notre-Dame-des-Vents

The Madone Notre-Dame-des-Vents (statue of the Virgin Mary) stands on a hill above Saint-Michel-de-Saint-Geoirs. In the Middle Ages, a fortified castle overlooked the village, but today only the name remains: Le Château. In the area where the castle once stood, a statue of the Virgin Mary was erected in 1954.

Château de Bressieux

A stronghold for one of the most powerful fiefdoms of medieval Dauphiné, the Château de Bressieux played a notable role in the history of the province. Today, the red brick towers are still standing. From the top of the tallest tower, there are panoramic views of Chambaran, Bièvre, and Vercors. In the village, a small museum describes the history of human inhabitation of Bressieux, from prehistoric times up until modern day. A scale model shows the brick fortress as it appeared when it was built.

Silk manufacturer

In the town of Saint-Siméon-de-Bressieux, the glass-roofed Girodon silk factory is also worth a visit. Built by a Lyon silk manufacturer, the factory includes two buildings linked by a glass-roofed area. It employed nearly a thousand people and operated until 1934.

The mushrooms of Chambaran

The Chambaran forest is famous for its mushrooms, especially in the area surrounding Toutes Aures col. The most common species include boletus, and black, golden and funnel chanterelles. While the best season is certainly autumn, some mushrooms can be found earlier in the season. Summer boletus, for example, are found at the foot of oak and beech trees from June to September.
Nicolas Grandclaude, chef at L’Atelier Grandclaude in Marnan, is a real mushroom lover: “I love hunting for mushrooms in the Chambaran forest. I’m also lucky to know several mushroom hunters who sell to me, so I can cook with them regularly in my restaurant. I use them in several different recipes, including small savoury biscuits, a cream of mushroom dish, and boletus sautéed with Parmesan and beef stock. These dishes add woodland fl avours to my autumn menu.” You can also buy mushrooms at the Viriville and Roybon outdoor markets.
Atelier Nicolas Grandclaude. Tel. +33 (0)4 76 36 28 71.

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Au pays de Mandrin


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