Mountain pass road

The col du Cucheron

Col du Cucheron

At the heart of the Chartreuse massif, the Col du Cucheron is the second of this mountain range’s three passes (Col de Porte and Col du Granier).

Tunnels, stone bridges, gorges and cliffs line the road down to Saint Laurent du Pont. When you arrive at the superb monolith, called the Pic de l’Oeillette, make a short stop to admire the impressive Guiers Mort gorge from a safe distance.

After the Molière tunnel, you will pass in front of La Fourvoierie, which is none other than the former distillery of the Carthusian Fathers. It was swept away by a landslide in 1935. Since then, distilling has taken place in the Caves de la Chartreuse in Voiron. Why not stop by the cellars on the way back? We recommend it, but be sure to enjoy this beverage responsibly!

Continue climbing to Entremont le Vieux. The climb is steep but when you get to the Col du Cucheron the view is magnificent. You will see the Col du Granier on the far horizon.

After a well-deserved break, go back down to Saint Pierre de Chartreuse.