Mountain pass road

The col du Banchet

Prairie de Chartreuse

From the Porte des Alpes to the Porte de la Chartreuse.

A route full of plains and hills, short ascents and pleasant descents, as well as some great tasting opportunities.

Departing from Villefontaine, head towards Frontenas via the D126 then go to the village of Saint Marcel Bel Accueil, a superb village with stone architecture. The countryside is very pleasant. In Saint Savin you are in the heartland of the Balmes Dauphinoises wines. Maybe you can try a tasting next time! 


Continuing the road to Corbelin via the D 592, discover the beautiful houses in the typical Dauphinoise style: ochre adobe walls and dark red roofs of scale-effect tiles. Continue to Aoste, where a stop is recommended: Aoste was a village of potters in Gallo-Roman times. Its position as a road and river intersection encouraged the development of crafts and trade in this small Gallo-Roman town. The museum will reveal all its history to you if you pay a visit.

From there, take the D 916 and ride slowly towards Belmont Tramonet. This village is located in the lower valley of Guiers, just at the confluence of the River Guiers and its tributary the Thiers. You will see its 17th-century castle, converted into an abbey in 1972 to accommodate the Benedictines there. The monastery shop is open weekdays and Sundays and offers many monastic products from various sources. Did you know that you’re cycling along the former border between the states of France and Savoy? But your journey will take you back near the Isère roads. After the D35 and the D916, you will rise in altitude to reach the plateau of Saint-Maurice-de-Rotherens, where you can discover the amazing Galetti collection. End your journey via the D1516 to arrive in Saint Genix sur Guiers, where you can buy the famous local praline cake. A tasty treat to look forward to!