Mountain pass road

The col des deux


A lovely adventure between the eastern balconies of the Vercors and Mount Aiguille, ranging from gentle slopes to more arduous ascents, with the bonus of the wonderful landscapes that make this one of France’s most beautiful regions. We recommend making a few stops, and be sure to bring your camera.

Head towards the pass. Make no mistake, although the first section is easy-going, there’s a surprise at the end: an ascent of 12% over 1.5 km.

It’s enough to give your legs a workout and make sure you enjoy the ride down to Saint Paul. Departing from Champs sur Drac, take the D529 towards Vif, Rue Marcel Paul, Rue des Isles.

Turn right onto Rue de la Gare on the D63, continue on Avenue de la Gare, Avenue de Rivalta Di Torino. At the end of the avenue, turn left on Rue Gustave Guerre on the D8.

Continue towards La Grange, Avenue du Général de Gaulle. Continue towards Le Gua, Avenue du Vercors, on the D8B. Start the ascent towards Saint-Barthélémy. Before Saint-Barthélémy, turn right onto the D8B, Route du Gerbier.

Continue on the D8B. Prélenfrey and continue to L’Arzelier. Continue to Puy Grimaud, La Chapelle, La Rousse, Chateau Bernard, La Combe, Saint Andéol, Les Chazeaux, via the D242 and continue to Les Petits Deux, Au deux, En Girard.

You arrive at the Col des Deux. Start the descent on the D8A via the Route de Saint Paul, Le chaumeil, Grisail, Saint Paul-lès-Monestier. Continue on the D1075 and alongside the motorway from Le Trièves towards Vif.

Continue and take the road back to your starting point from Vif.