Mountain pass road

The col des 1000 Martyrs

Col des 1000 Martyrs

The road, starting at Rives, runs peacefully through the plain before increasing slightly in altitude and winding between valleys and forests.

After passing through the villages of St Blaise, St Nicolas de Macherin and St Aupre, the gradient is a little tougher but as you approach the pass, it soon becomes wider and very pleasant. As you ascend at a gentle pace, enjoy the superb views of the Chartreuse, Mont Blanc and the region of plains and hills.

Just a few more kilometres and you’ve arrived at the famous Croix des 1000 martyrs (Cross of 1000 Martyrs), which is the end point of the pass. But what is the origin of the legend associated with this place?

Legend has it that 10,000 soldiers, not 1000, suffered great cruelty and were martyred by 30,000 soldiers of the Roman Army on 22 June 120. It is said that their relics were brought back to a monastery in the region. A story worth delving into. Go back via the same itinerary to enjoy the freshness of the forests along the way.

Departing from Rives, take the D12A towards Réaumont then turn onto the D12B towards Saint-Blaise-du-Buis. Head towards Le Talamud and join the D520 then the D50, Route de Charavines, D50A Route de Bonpertuis, Rue du 8 Mai 1945, turn right onto the D1075, Route de Chartreuse, then the D49, Route du Rousset, Route de Chirens, Route de Crosset, Saint-Nicolas, Route de Saint Nicolas.

At the end of Route Saint-Nicolas, turn left onto Rue des Tilleuls and join Route de Saint-Aupre. Continue on the D49 on Route de Saint-Etienne de Crossey, Route de Miribel, Route de Saint-Roch then D28, Route du Bourg, Route du Col towards Plan du Loup.