Mountain pass road

The col de Vence

Col de Vence

The Col de Vence pass is named after the Vence stream, which begins in the Chartreuse massif and is a tributary of the Isère.

Located a few kilometres from Corenc on the road to Chartreuse, the climb to the Col de Vence overlooks the Grésivaudan Valley between Mount Rachais and Mount Saint Eynard, crowned by the imposing Saint Eynard Fort.

After a slightly steep ascent through deep gorges and wooded valleys, the last kilometres are more easy-going.

Make a stop at the fort to discover one of the last forts built between 1873 and 1879 to protect some Grenoble and some other towns in the Chartreuse massif.

After arriving at the pass, explore La Pinéa, the Chartreuse’s second iconic peak. Go back down to Corenc while enjoying the magnificent panorama of Grenoble surrounded by its four Alpine mountain ranges.