Mountain pass road

The col de Romeyère

Paysage de Chartreuse

From the walnut valley to the Porte des Coulmes, a bike ride that’s 100% nature.

After departing from La Buisse, a small community in Pays Voironnais on the edge of the Chartreuse Park, head to Saint Quentin sur Isère via the E 513. At Saint Quentin sur Isère, you’ll find one of the oldest distilleries in Isère: you can visit the premises and shop there. Continue to the village of Poliénas via the D48 A along the high cliffs of the Vercors. The road then continues to Beaulieu then Izeron via the D 1532. Be sure to look to your left and see the impressive gorges called “Les gorges du Nan”, next to the beautiful village of Cognin Gorges. Still amid the walnut groves, cross the town of Saint Romans to reach the superb Route de Pont en Royans via the D 518. After a few turns and a short climb, you are in another valley.
This time you face the Vercors, with roads of boundless wild beauty. At its foot is Pont en Royans with its hanging houses. Take the time to refresh yourself at the edge of the Bourne which, a few kilometres away, gave his name to the gorges. This road, the Route des Gorges de la Bourne, is the longest of Vercors’s scenic roads. Continue towards Rencurel via the D 35. Located in the heart of the Coulmes forest in the protected area of Ecouges, Rencurel village has kept the charm and warmth of a mountain village.


From the hamlet of La Balme to the Col de Romeyère, the village’s many hamlets are spread over 7 km. While it’s a great place to live, it’s also a good place to stop because the climb is not over! Here we go again. The last two kilometres before the pass are a little long but acceptable. To reward your efforts, there’s a grandiose landscape: towering cliffs, deep gorges and then the pass. But before heading back home, one last surprise: the tunnel. Note that it is poorly lit and requires a good headlamp. After leaving the realm of the Vercors, go down to the village of Saint Gervais via the D35, a forest road through the Drevenne waterfall. Go back to the village of La Buisse.