Mountain pass road

The Col de Parquetout

Parc national des Ecrins

A route in the Valbonnais, at the edge of the Southern Alps, where slopes and beautiful scenery are in store.

Depart from Valbonnais via the D526. The Pays de Valbonnais is a land of diversity where plateaus, deep valleys and high mountains meet. Here the vegetation looks oddly like a Mediterranean landscape, and the South is not very far. One or two kilometres after crossing the Bonne, a small road rises to the right and ascends through the forest. Make no mistake, the road to the Col de Parquetout is particularly steep and the difficulty begins after the hamlet “Les Anzelas”. While the slope is relentless, the forest road is very nice.

The reward is near. From the Col de Parquetout, see the Valbonnais unfold... It has a very Alpine character shaped by the deep valleys of Roizonne, Bonne and Malsanne draining water from the Taillefer and Oisans. Forests of pine and beech cover the even slopes, sometimes leaving clearings on top of some peaks. Further down the valley, the 526 departmental road is one of the few links between the north and south of Alpine Isere.

Taking advantage of this break and a well-deserved little snack, let your gaze roam from one mountain to another, echoing with all their names: Obiou, Taillefer, Côte Belle, Coiro and Rochail…