Mountain pass road

The col de Malissol


One mountain pass can hide another. The Col de Malissol via the Col de la Morte is a great day out. Beautiful scenery and great climbing await you.

Departure from Saint Egrève via the D1675 and then head towards Gières via the D1087, to reach Uriage-les-Bains in Pays d’Allevard. Well-being fans can take a little break and explore this spa resort discovered by the Romans. It would have to wait until the 18th century for the unique properties of its water to be recognised. It’s a good opportunity to fill your bottle with water and continue up the road. Continue in the Oisans Valley via the D591 towards Séchilienne. You will see the Romanche bordering Séchilienne in the south. A few kilometres further along, the effort will begin. There will be a climb of 12 km. Without losing sight of the next turn, take a few moments to admire the view over the valley with the Chartreuse massif in the background. Finally the Col de la Morte at 1368 metres. Not easy but it's so beautiful. This is a good time to refresh yourself with the water from Uriage, because the next pass awaits you.
This time it's a nice descent in the Valbonnais, with stunning views everywhere. During the climb, admire the Obiou, Mount Tabor and the peak of the Ecrins. A lovely way to reach high altitudes. An ascent of a few kilometres, very nice but fairly difficult. And there you are at the Col du Malissol (1153 m).

Take a break before starting the descent towards the Mure at a gentle pace. A great classic hike that gives you two mountain passes in one trip!