Mountain pass road

The col de l'Arzelier

Col de l'Arzelier

If you are in good physical condition, this route presents no major difficulties - the Col de L’Arzelier is all yours!

Gradually leaving Varces, south of Grenoble, you'll travel along a road made of flat stretches and false flats, slopes and climbs, but also a region made ​​up of hamlets and great landscapes. After crossing the authentic villages of the Vercors Regional Natural Park, it’s time to ride up to the pass - nothing insurmountable. You will be surprised to discover that the Col de l’Arzelier is a family ski resort in winter. After the descent from the pass, stop at Château Bernard nestled in a large cirque surrounded on all sides by mountains. On the way back do not miss the famous Fontaine Ardente (“burning fountain”), the 7th wonder of the Dauphiné, located in the hamlet of Gua near Saint Barthélemy. A legend to be discovered.

Departing from the commune of Varces-Allières-et-Risset, take the D1075 towards Vif. Continue on Rue Gustave Guerre and then take Avenue du Général de Gaulle, D8 and cross La Grange. Follow the D8 towards Les Saillants-du-Gua, Avenue du Vercors. Cross La Ferrière and begin the ascent towards Saint-Barthélémy. Before Saint-Barthélémy, turn right onto the D8B, Route du Gerbier. Continue on the D8B. Prélenfrey and continue to L'Arzelier. At km 21, you arrive at the pass. Begin the descent through Puy Grimaud, La Chapelle, La Rousse, Chateau Bernard, Brunaire via the D242. Continuer towards Au Chion, the hamlet of Verney, Aux Sagnes, Lanchâtre, Au Perron, Cassoulet, Girivel, Les Côtes, La Grange, on the D8.

Continue on Route de la Fontaine Ardente, Saint Barthélémy, Avenue du Vercors, Avenue du Général de Gaulle, Boulevard de la Résistance on the D63C. Continue on Avenue du 8 mai 1945 then Avenue d'Argenson, Route de Fontagneux, pass beneath the Trièves motorway and continue to Reymure, then Route du Gros Chêne.

Turn left onto Route du Moulin de Tulette then right onto Chemin de Fontagneux and left onto Route de Fontagneux, followed by Rue Léo Lagrange towards Varces. At the intersection with the D1075 turn right onto Avenue Joliot Curie and go back up the D1075 to return to your starting point.