Mountain pass road

Col de l'Allimas

Col d'Allimas

A fairly easy ascent combined with the pleasure of climbing and exploring the peaceful surroundings.

A few kilometres on a gentle slope then a small 5% section, and you’re in the wooded valley of Gresse. Often cool in mid-season, it is very popular on hot summer days. On arrival in Gresse, a quiet village in the Vercors, take a refreshing break. On the pass road, the vegetation looks positively Mediterranean. Keeping an eye on the road, admire the beautiful cliffs that dominate the landscape.

One last push and you’ve reached the Col de l’Allimas. The view of Mount Aiguille, the realm of the first ascent in 1492, will be your greatest reward. You can go back down via Route de Saint Michel les Portes.

Departing from Saint-Paul-Lès-Monestier, take the D8, towards Grisail. Continue on Route de Maninaire and at the 5th km, turn left onto the D8A towards Au Clapier. This is where the ascent starts. Follow the road towards Le Chaumeil and continue to cycle uphill towards Gresse-en-Vercors.