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Health & wellbeing

Mother Nature is a bountiful resource. Connect with nature to connect with your inner matrix. Nature keeps us alive by providing oxygen, water, and food. And much more... because there are also millions of elements that help us to correct imbalances, such as plants and minerals. Far from the ski slopes, Isère offers a range of activities to connect with nature and an opportunity for unique ...

Sylvotherapy with Phoenix Expérience in Villard-de-Lans

Sylvotherapy or "forest bathing" comes from Japan. It is the ancient practice of reconnecting with the present and the potent and healing energy of trees.
The aim is to bring humans closer to nature and to benefit from a myriad of natural health benefits. It is called sylvotherapy because it is considered to be preventive medicine.
A walk in the forest - in tune with your environment - is relaxing, reduces stress, stimulates immunities, increases energy, reduces blood pressure, and improves sleep, concentration and memory.
With Phoenix Expériences, Philippe Riot has developed three types of forest walks with atypical courses, accessible to all, in the Vercors forest.
Each one-day course, completely immersed in nature, meets specific needs, but they are also very complementary.
Awakening the senses: The goal is to be completely immersed in the forest for a multisensory experience. The forest is all yours for interactive workshops - see, feel, hear, touch and taste.
Breath life: The goal is to learn how to breathbreathe again and to reinforce your innate capacity for good health. Breathing activities and exercises reduce stress and treat the vagus nerve with anti-inflammatory properties.
The other world: This course addresses the altered state of consciousness (ASC) surrounded by nature. It is an experience for the mind where you are your own guide. Two practices are used to develop your imagination and self-confidence: meditation and self-hypnosis.


Igloo bivouac

Sleep outdoors in your own igloo. It’s an intense mountain adventure for teenagers aged 14 and over.
After a half-day walk (400 m elevation), the junior trappers arrive at the Alpette clearing where the magic begins. With the snow crunching under your feet, look for traces of local fauna. It’s a wondrous experience.
Then it’s time to build your igloo for the night. After a hearty breakfast the next morning, go snowshoeing to complete this extraordinary experience.
A memorable experience for teenagers and parents to share.
Prices: 6 people from €300 + €150 catering.


Pleyn’itudes workshops at Les 7 Laux: respiration and cardiac coherence

Cardiac coherence is a respiratory method that regulates the heart rate in the event of stress and excessive emotions.
A universal health tool, cardiac coherence is a simple, practical tool for a more balanced daily life.
Practised outdoors at different paces, you will feel more energetic, relaxed and balanced. Breathing associated with movement helps the body and mind to adapt to the outdoor environment. ·


Far from the slopes, in the heart of the mountains

A silent walk around Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse monastery

Take small steps, silently, listening, attentive to your body’s movements and your breathing, curious and sensitive to the environment, to the sounds, to the movements of animals, to step in the snow, and to nature…
Enter the Désert de Chartreuse like Saint Bruno (founding Catholic saint of the Order of Carthusians) and his companions in 1084.
A precious time for resourcing, discovery and exchange.
Discover the Désert de Chartreuse, step by step, walk through the foothills of Grand Som (at the top of the Chartreuse massif) and find an exceptional forest. Stop here and there with François, the local guide, who recounts the history of the area and the local population.
Time stands still so you can connect with nature at your own pace. ·


Bath bar and alpinotherapy at the Les Grandes Rousses**** Hôtel in Alpe d’Huez

Alpinotherapy for sumptuous well-being. A combination of altitude, clean mountain air, water from Lac Blanc in the heart of the Massif des Grandes Rousses, plants and minerals from the Alpes…
Alpinotherapy provides the intrinsic advantages of the mountain blending the benefits of copper, ruby and sapphire, peridot salts, mountain pine and semi-precious stones: pink quartz, rock crystal and agate.
Alpinotherapy soothes fatigue and detoxes the body. It strengthens the natural defences and boosts energy with a vast range of benefits.
New! Bath bar The latest spa concept in the Alpes: a playful version alpinotherapy baths. A sparkling or creamy dip, detox or refreshing… Try this intense experience alone or with your partner. ·




Pamper yourself

Unwind at the Bedina Spa Prapoutel-Les Sept Laux

Bedina Spa in Praputel offers a relaxing space in a welcoming atmosphere in the heart of the resort.
Fill your lungs with fresh air going up and down the slopes, or hiking in the forest, then recharge your batteries in this wellness centre.
Bedina Spa has a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and a balneotherapy pool with counter-current swimming, jets, fountains and massage nozzles.
To complete this serene experience, our team of spa professionals offers a complete range of massages and beauty treatments: exotic island fragrances, fruity, spicy Eastern scents, traditional Indonesian spa rituals, elegant Japanese treatments… a universal journey to wellness.


La Cordée d’à côté - hammam in the mountains - Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans

This steam room is the only one of its kind! Next to the legendary hotel-restaurant La Cordée with a history of over a century, this unique site is appreciated for its typical mountain atmosphere.
A traditional hammam built with high-quality natural materials has been created in an old converted barn in the village of Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans, a mountaineering stronghold.
A space dedicated to wellness and relaxation, steam-bath rituals followed by tea tasting makes for a completely restful experience (reading material available).
Prolong the relaxing pleasure with a massage. A base camp has been organised on the first floor of the barn with a dormitory for 19 with toilets, showers and dryer.


Sensory adventure in Chartreuse chez Oréade - Saint-Pierre de Chartreuse

Let your adrenalin subside, your joints relax, or simply share a pure moment of wellness at Espace Balneo Oréade, an eco-built spa surrounded by nature in the centre of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse.
Enjoy the view of Chartreuse's highest peaks from a red cedar bath with water heated at 38°C.
Take a break in the yurt to calm your mind. Relax in the sauna. Have a wellness massage or a beauty treatment.
Treat your senses to an adventure in Chartreuse!


Wellness break at Hôtel & Spa Les Clarines - Corrençon-en-Vercors

Wood brushed or blasted with Indian black stones, polished pebbles and flagstones, all steeped in essential oils make a streamlined decor for the Spa in Hôtel Les Clarines.
For ultimate relaxation, the spa has a jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, five treatment rooms and a herbal-tea room.
Not to mention a team of professionals offering a range of massages, scrubs and beauty treatments.
Treat yourself to a pure wellness experience in an environment imbued with minerals and plants.


Duo gourmet and spa By Uriage - Uriage-les-Bains

In an unspoiled natural setting, in the heart of Les Alpes, enjoy a healthy wellness stay in Uriage-les-Bains, a famous spa resort located in Isère, a few minutes from Grenoble and Chamrousse ski resort.
Thermal water is used at the Grand Hôtel spa where the team do their utmost to make sure you relax and unwind, with a gourmet twist!
2 treatments of your choice and 2 menus at La Table d'Uriage resturant from Monday to Saturday for lunch or dinner.