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Grenoble Street Art Festival

Get ready for a month of street art! The Grenoble Street Art Festival is back and ready to adorn the walls of the city and the surrounding area. There will be large-scale works, exhibitions, workshops, short films, feature films... The whole of Grenoble is to become an open-air museum. Keep your eyes peeled!

Year on year, this Grenoble festival is becoming a veritable benchmark in the world of street art.

Today, you can view almost 80 of the works created during the previous years’ festivals by renowned artists like Corbal, Veks Van Hillik, Goin, Seth, Nevercrew and Monkey Bird as you walk through the city.

This year, you can watch the thirty-odd artists create their works in real time, including 10 large-scale works! Collages, stencils, installations, photographs, canvases, digital works, anamorphoses and more will also be on display.
Exhibitions, conferences, guided tours, meetings with artists and children's workshops round off the programme for the 2019 festival!

Street Art Movie Fest

For 3 days, the Jardin de Ville in Grenoble will be hosting the Street Art Movie Fest, an opportunity to experience all the diversity and richness of the artistic discipline (in a festive atmosphere in the open air) via documentaries, short films, animated films and more.

Practical information

Grenoble Street Art Fest
31 May - 30 June 2019