Challenge des nocturnes de Chartreuse

Challenge des nocturnes de Chartreuse


22 February 2023

In American style relays in teams of 2 on a varied loop, the teams take turns for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on their category, to cover the greatest distance. A friendly meal is served.

4 dates in the Chartreuse to combine competitive cross-country skiing and conviviality.
Wednesday 11 January: Le Désert d'Entremont
Wednesday 25 January: Le Sappey en Chartreuse
Wednesday 8 February: La Ruchère
Wednesday 22 February: St Hugues for the final

Category Promo: 2 races
mixed and veterans race
men's race
Open to all competitors meeting the following criteria:
Men with a ranking above 300 points or not ranked,
Women with a ranking above 200 points or not ranked.
Conditions for the Veteran category: the sum of the ages of the 2 team mates must be greater than 90, must not have been registered in AS the previous year, must not have been ranked in the first three promo teams in the 2017 general ranking, or ranked first team in one of the 2016 challenge events

Category Aces: 1 race
men's and mixed race
Open to racers with a ranking below :
300 FFS points for men
200 FFS points for women
Youth: Young people born in 2004 or earlier can register for the youth race, provided they respect the same rules. They will be grouped with the Promo Mixed race on other dates.
The number of participants as well as the level of the Promo category imposes on the organisers to adopt the following rule:
A rider having been classified in the first 3 teams of the men's and mixed promo at the 2017 challenge will have to register in the Aces categories for the 2018 races, whatever his teammate is (List available at the registration)

At the end of the different races, the provisional ranking will be displayed and present on the site.
Promo race :
mixed ranking
men's ranking
veteran ranking
A youth classification will be made only for the FINAL.
(For the other races, the young people will be classified in the categories of Promo, Mixed or Men)

Ace Race
mixed classification
men's ranking

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Col de Porte

Opening times

Wednesday 22 February 2023 at 7 pm.

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Challenge des nocturnes de Chartreuse

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