Artist residency in a refuge

refuge de la Selle

Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans - La Bérarde

6 August 2022 au 31 August 2022

Organised by the association "L'envers des pentes", the refuges of the Vénéon receive various artists in residence. The artists will take the time to soak up the essence of the Ecrins mountains

The residency programme proposed by the association l'envers des pentes allows artists to spend some time in a refuge, to immerse themselves in the concrete and physical reality of these specific places and territories, and to propose a friction, an encounter with its landscapes and its actors:

"To know something, you don't just need to know its name or have a science about it: you need to rub shoulders with it.

It concerns above all artists/researchers who are part of a contemporary approach, who wish to live this experience and develop a situated project, in order to anchor their research and creation in this territory, with this place and its characteristics, by questioning its multiple aspects - the landscape, the human, the political, the development, the animal, the vegetal, the relationship of man to the landscape, the refuges themselves, their guardians or many other things - and thus to propose a singular reading of it.
Rarely at the bottom, never at the top, often halfway along the route, perched on a rock or in the hollow of a valley, the refuge allows you to split the distance between the valley (the town) and the summit, to avoid a long approach walk before the planned race, or to take a break. Above all, it is a shelter, a place to fall back to in the face of the elements.
In addition to being located in a particular environment, this habitat - whose technical constraints are determined more than elsewhere by a climate, an environment and a primary function of "refuge" - is a high place of proximity, exchanges and human relations, conducive to aesthetic, political, ecological and societal reflections.
Thus, its potential to become a place for artistic research and experimentation seems obvious.

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L'envers des pentes

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From 06/08 to 31/08/2022, daily.

refuge de la SelleSarah Feuillas - artisteRefuge Temple EcrinsLucie Malbqui - artiste
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Artist residency in a refuge

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