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Saint-Marcellin country

This route winds through walnut groves to the superb medieval village of Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye, and past more unusual attractions, such as the stunning Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes in La Sône and the paddle steamer on the Isère river.

Start from Roybon tourist information centre. Take the D20 through Dionay, then to Saint-Marcellin via Chatte.
Head for Saint-Vérand on the D518 past the Château de Quincivet. Continue on the same road through Varassieux, Chasseley then turn left on the D156 to return to Roybon.

From Roybon on the forest-covered plateau of Chambaran, this route takes you to Saint-Marcellin. It's the ideal itinerary for gourmet cyclists. Stop and taste the most famous regional products of Isère: Saint-Marcellin cheese, walnuts and Royans ravioles.

Labelled "Vélo et Fromages" (Bicycle and Cheese), this itinerary combines cycling tourism with local cheese exploration. Discover the famous Saint-Marcellin cheese (PGI) by bike!

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51 km

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Elevation gain:
773 m

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769 m

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3h 30m

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Saint-Marcellin cheese, walnuts and ravioles: the Saint-Marcellin region is home to several stars of the gourmet Isère region.
- Saint-Marcellin is a small, round and creamy cheese made from cow's milk. The maturing process produces two types of Saint-Marcellin: dry, typical of local tradition; and soft, with a melting texture due to a longer maturing process.
- The Grenoble walnut, awarded recognition for its geographic origins (AOP) in 1938, is grown in the lower Isère valley. Three varieties are eligible for the AOP: parisienne, mayette and franquette. They can be eaten alone or with other food such as cheese or chocolate. Local chefs and pastry cooks use them in a wide range of recipes.
- Ravioles are like raviolis, small square pillows of dough stuffed with cheese and herbs. They are famous all over France. The technique for cooking them is very precise: they are plunged in boiling water or broth for one minute, and no more. You can buy them in Isère at Les Ravioles du Dauphin in Chatte.

History, culture and heritage

Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye: the medieval village of Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye is a gem of Rhône heritage. Stroll through medieval lanes and alleys and discover the majestic Gothic abbey, built between the 13th and 15th centuries. Saint-Antoine-l'Abbaye also has a departmental museum housed in the former novitiate of Saint-Antoine hospital staff. Discover the history of the village, the abbey and the monks trained as doctors. There are also works by painter Jean Vinay.

The model railway garden in Chatte: the village of Chatte, near Saint-Marcellin, is home to a unique attraction: a model railway garden. About thirty model trains travel non-stop through a natural setting of rocks and trees. The circuit also features characters and reproductions of remarkable buildings in the region, such as the Abbaye de Saint-Antoine.

Jardin des Fontaines Pétrifiantes: not far from the model railway garden, this beautiful botanical garden is laid out on tufa (limestone deposits on moss which forms a porous stone) with a large 30-metre waterfall. 600 species of plants provide a botanical world tour in an original setting with ponds and waterfalls.

Cruise on the Sône river: in La Sône, near the garden, embark on the Royans Vercors paddle steamer for a cruise on the Isère river, which is now a peaceful and majestic river near Saint-Marcellin. The Vercors flows by with reedbeds and waterfowl in the background.

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