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Hike around the Larina Plateau

You will be able to admire the archeological, architectural and natural jewels of the Isle Crémieu and the Larina Plateau, with its high cliffs, home to falcons, snake eagles, buzzards and other birds of prey.

Park in the car park opposite the kiosk in the village centre. Follow the path to the right until it become stony and begins to climb up the cliff. Two thirds of the way up, on the left, is a rocky platform that is tricky to get to. Once you have made your way onto it, take the small Tourdes Remparts track to the left, which leads to the Fontaine de la Vie, the plateau's only spring. From there, take a straight path downhill that takes you to a former riding school. Continue along this cliff-side path, and take in the view of the Val d'Amby and the Château de Brotel. Pass by a picnic area, cross the Catelans road at Larin, and the plateau itself from east to west via a grassy path. It passes over a barren hill and then goes downhill. Bear right through moors, and then head towards the western cliff until you meet the track coming from Bourcieu. Climb back up using this track, and walk along the clifftop. The track overlooks a marshy area and emerges in the archelogical site in Larina (leave at least 1 hour to visit it). There is an important excavation site near the statue of the Virgin Mary. Retrace your steps back along the path you took to climb the cliff to return to the car park in Hières-sur-Amby.

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Type of client:
Spécial famille avec enfants, Niveau bleu - Facile

Distance :
7 km

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Dénivellation positive :
210 m

Durée journalière :
3h 15m

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Hike around the Larina Plateau


  • 38118 Hières-sur-Amby

Guide book: Isle Crémieu / IGN Map TOP 25 no. 3131E Crémieu


All year round.
Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.


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Hike around the Larina Plateau

38118 Hières-sur-Amby

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