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Flagstones abound

Along this circular route around Crémieuin in northern Isère, stone is omnipresent in natural and heritage sites with the medieval town, an archaeological site, the flagstone museum and amazing caves.

Start out from Siccieu-Saint-Julien-et-Carisieu along the D52 to Crémieu, then turn right onto the D65. Pass through Certeau and Leyrieu, then turn right onto the D65E.
Carry on through Vernas and Hières-sur-Amby .
Take direction Optevoz on the RD52A. At the intersection with the RD52I, turn right towards Chatelans, Le Rocher.
Just after Annoisin, turn left towards Siccieu.
When you reach the RD52, turn left towards Optevoz.
At Courtenay, take the RD140 road, then go right and continue via Soleymieu, Carizieu and Siccieu back to the start.

This itinerary in the land of stone takes you from the medieval town of Crémieu, along the cliffs of Larina to admire the rich archaeological heritage of Hières-sur-Amby, before returning via Annoisin-Chatelans on a lane lined with boxwood, blue juniper, and flagstone walls.

Technical information

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44 km

Trail type:

Elevation gain:
650 m

Elevation drop:
650 m

Daily duration:
2h 30m

Terrain type:
Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring)

Type of waymarkers:
Passage sur des départementales.

Practical information

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La Foyesse: an original brioche, a speciality found in Crémieu.
Use a pound of flour to make a "volcano" and incorporate the following ingredients:
10 g salt
25 g sugar
4 eggs
1/2 cube baker's yeast
1/2 glass lukewarm water
Add 300 g of softened butter, knead and leave to stand for an hour and a half.
Fold the dough again and leave to rise for another hour and a half.
Flatten the dough on a sheet of greaseproof paper, then leave to rise for another hour. Scatter dabs of butter on the dough and sprinkle with white sugar. Bake for 25 minutes. Allow to cool before serving.

History, culture and heritage

The beautiful medieval town of Crémieu is definitely worth visiting with a 12th-century "delphinal" castle strategically perched on a spur, impressive 14th-century fortified gates, a majestic 15th-century covered market and an Augustinian convent adjoining the rampart wall. Further north, Hières-sur-Amby has two interesting attractions: a heritage museum and the Larina archaeological site.

Larina archaeology museum: in an old 13-century flagstone vicarage, the museum takes visitors back to the daily life of humans from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, recounting their lifestyles, conflicts, funerary rites and much more. The exhibition includes some outstanding archaeological objects, including weapons, jewellery, craft items and tombs. Maps, models and reconstructions help to explain the exhibition. Larina archaeological site, situated on the clifftops overlooking the plain, shows traces of human presence dating back to prehistoric times. Open to visitors, the site features the restored vestiges of a vast rural estate dating from Late Antiquity and the end of the Merovingian era. An educational course through farm buildings and dwellings from the chapel to necropolis is the result of excavations spanning 15 years.

Journey to the centre of the earth in a bend of the Rhône river: the caves of La Balme at La Balme-les-Grottes have formed inside the cliffs of the Isle-Crémieu plateau. Home to an amazing number of bats and other cave-dwelling wildlife, the caves feature surprisingly diverse geological characteristics with labyrinths, giant potholes, underwater lakes and an amphitheatre of little pools.

The history of stone: the Musée de la Lauze at Annoisin-Chatelans is a museum entirely devoted to flagstone: the stone's geological history and extraction techniques, quarry operations and how the stone is worked for use in traditional architecture. Observe the flagstone used in the village and in the construction of the characterful building housing the museum, not to mention nearby stone quarries.

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Office de Tourisme Intercommunal des Balcons du Dauphiné

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  • 38460 Siccieu-Saint-Julien-et-Carisieu

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From 01/01 to 31/12.
Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.


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Flagstones abound

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