Isère Tourism

Good reasons to come to Isère

Why choose Isère for your next holiday? Quite simply, because there are a thousand and one reasons to (re)discover our department!  Here is a small selection…


  • Because Isère is easy to get to! It has an ideal geographical position, in the heart of the Alps at 5 hours directly from London and less than 3 hours from Paris by TGV trains. The department has a substantial network of roads and 2 airports.
  • Because in Isère, you can be both in the mountains and on the plain. Its layout is singular, with its 3 mountain ranges arranged around the Drac and Isère valleys.
  • Because here nature is everywhere: 3 Natural Parks, the Vercors, the Chartreuse and the National Park of Ecrins, the largest nature reserve in France on the high plateaux of the  Vercors, and a multitude of lakes and pools, in the mountains and on the plain.
  • Because you can learn about history “for real”! For example, did you know that it was in Isère, at Roussillon, that the Edict was signed fixing 1 January as the first day of the year? Or that the Château de Vizille was the cradle of the French Revolution?
  • Because Isère has all the “must-see” attractions that make it well worth a visit: the 21 bends of L’Alpe d’Huez, the largest skiable glacier in Europe at Les 2 Alpes, the 1st ever urban cable car at Grenoble…
  • Because renowned sporting and cultural events take place here, such as Jazz à Vienne, the L’Alpe d’Huez Film Festival, the Cabaret Frappé in Grenoble, the Foulée Blanche in Autrans, the Coupe Icare…
  • Because there are treasures from Roman times at Vienne, medieval times at Crémieu and prehistoric times at Larina.
  • Because places of high spiritual significance are dotted along its roads, such as the Grande Chartreuse Monastery, the majestic Abbey-church of St Antoine l’Abbaye, a gem of Gothic art in Dauphiné, and the Monastery of Notre-Dame-de-la Salette.
  • Because here you can eat well! Try the local produce: the Grenoble walnut, St-Marcellin cheese, Chartreuse liqueur, and the authentic gratin dauphinois (cheese and potato bake), often copied but never equalled!
  • Because you can practise all kinds of sport in Isère, even diving (under the ice in winter!). There is skiing, of course, but also hiking, climbing, sailing, hang-gliding, cycling, freshwater sports…everything to inspire even the most hesitant.


…but that’s enough talk from us! You can discover the rest for yourself…