Isère Tourism


With its limestone cliffs covered in greenery, the Chartreuse massif is a little gem which stretches between Grenoble, Voiron and Chambéry.

Chartreuse has a magical quality.

In the 11th century, the Carthusian Fathers fell under its charm to the extent that they built their monastery at the foot of Charmant Som, in the village of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse.

Its Regional Natural Park is a unique natural space, classified since 1995. More than 2,000 plant species, or a third of all those found in France, thrive in these soils. Half of all our mammal and bird species are able to live and flourish in this setting.

Mushroom-picking, watching wildlife, skiing, snowshoe walks, hikes…Whether you are active or more contemplative by nature, you are bound to find happiness in the Chartreuse.