Isère Tourism


As an introduction to the massif of Chartreuse, we can cite the author Stendhal (born in Grenoble) who described it as ‘the emerald of the Alps’.

Situated at a lower altitude than the other Iserian mountains, Chartreuse offers more forests and its territory is fully included in the Chartreuse National Park.

Although its ski area cannot compete with Oisans in size, ski runs in Chartreuse are known for being ‘old school’, as they notably follow natural contours in the terrain, and are particularly popular among experienced skiers.
Chartreuse resorts have maintained a human scale and are probably where you can experience authentic mountain life to the highest degree.

A final, but non-negligible asset: yes, this is where Chartreuse liqueur, the most famous beverage in the Alps of Isère, is crafted.


Conserved natural environment, family atmosphere and an authentic mountain feeling is what you will get in the resorts of Col-de-Marcieu, Col-de-Porte, La Ruchère, Le Sappey-en-Chartreuse, Saint-Hilaire-du-Touvet and the Coeur de Chartreuse skiing area.