Isère Tourism

5 reasons why your skiing destination is(h)ere

Forget your outdated idea of a humdrum skiing trip. There is a life after having un-shoed and while the skiing experience obviously remains the most important aspect of a snow vacation, there is also much more to it than that...The ski resorts of Isère, in heart of the French Alps, perfectly fit with this modern approach of skiing.

You will certainly enjoy skiing in the best conditions, as much as you will enjoy the other aspects of your stay!



Skiing in the Alps of Isère means enjoying an extended choice of glide opportunities. 25 stations and all the practices of skiing imaginable. Do you fancy a coast down a slope surrounded by trees? Or are you into high mountain landscapes? The Alps of Isère have both. Are you a Nordic skiing hero ? Then the Vercors mountain awaits you. Or are you the type that needs the adrenaline rush of alpine skiing ? Then the large ski areas of l'Alpe d'Huez and Les 2 Alpes will not disappoint. You’ll find every type of skiing style on offer here, with a range of services and prices to suit. Just decide how you want to ski, and pick the destination which best satisfies your desire!


When it comes to skiing in the French Alps, you cannot miss the Alps of Isère. Grab a map: Isère is at the very center of the French part of the mountain range. Therefore, the Alps of Isère are a major spot for skiing in France (1200 km of alpine ski slopes, 1000 km of Nordic ski trails, the third most popular French skiing destination). Grenoble, the Capital of the Alps, is also located in Isère. With its international airport as well as road and rail connections to major European cities, Grenoble is the first stop on your way to the French Alps. So the simplest route to the Alps is also the route to its heart... why go any further ? Alps Is(h)ere!


The Alps of Isère can fulfil all your (ski-related) desires, whether you are looking for a big resort where the ‘après ski’ is as renowned as the skiing itself, or for a smaller, quieter place. With a range of exclusive offers available, you can also experience what you did not even imagine! How about going down the piste as the sun sets over the mountain crest? Or even skiing by night on a perfectly illuminated slope? Have a go at fat bike riding, speed riding, or frozen waterfall climbing! Spend the night in an igloo or at the top of a tree! So, prepare to enjoy the skiing... and the unexpected!


While staying in the Alps of Isère, not only will you be able to enjoy all the delights that mountain life has to offer, but you will also have a taste of the French ‘art de vivre’ ! Before devoting themselves to winter sports, the Alps stations were simply small villages and, in spirit, this is what they still are! Go out in the morning, say hello to your neighbours, have a quick coffee at the café across the street before getting some supplies at the bakery and the cheese shop. Experience the conviviality of a crowded café after a day of skiing or the cozy atmosphere of a typical Iserian restaurant as you try the local speciality, gratin dauphinois. Bienvenue dans les Alpes!


On the same territory you can sample various skiing experiences and therefore create your own tailor-made trip! Why not try a little bit of everything? How about some on-piste skiing here and a touch of off-piste skiing there? Followed by a drop of night-life and a soupcon of snowshoeing? Making the most of an uncrowded resort, Alps of Isère stations allow flexibility and adapt to your needs. As well as combining the best in skiing facilities (take the Alpe d'Huez Grand Domaine, the highest skiing range in Europe, accessible from 7 different resorts) with low prices, Alps of Isère also offer you the best value for money!