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Nordic walking

Nordic walking originated in the Scandinavian countries. It derived from cross-country skiing and has experienced strong growth in Europe and the rest of the world since the early 2000s.

This is a young sport... but a very dynamic one. In 2012, there were 9 million practitioners in Europe and 45,000 pairs of sticks were sold in France. Nordic walking is aimed at a wide audience of active city-dwellers. It’s "the in thing" at the moment.

This is a type of "outdoor fitness trail" which requires simple equipment. Isère has an ideal environment for this activity. The variety of landscapes, such as broad valleys, plateaux and ridges, provides a unique setting to perform this sport.

Skiez en décalé


Pour un week-end, quelques jours en semaine ou une semaine entière, offrez-vous un séjour à la montagne !

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Saturday 10 June

Tour de la Bérarde (4 ou 5 jours)

Tour de pays en rando liberté. Ce tour s'adresse à de bons marcheurs qui souhaitent randonner en liberté et en découvrant des vallons originaux du Parc National des Ecrins.