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UT4M (The Ultra tour des 4 massifs)

The UT4M is one of the toughest trails in France, where the contestants run for around 165 km with a positive change in altitude of 10,200 m, with an exceptional amplitude of 2,200 m between the starting line and the highest point, in under 53 hours.

From August 16th to 20th

For the 5th year in 2017 in a row, Grenoble is hosting the Ultra Tour des 4 Massifs (UT4M). Launched in 2013, this new trail running concept, with its start and finish lines in the very centre of the city, offers a course of 160 km through the 4 massifs surrounding Grenoble: Vercors, Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse.

4 races

In 2014 the UT4M has 4 separate races for adults - the UT4M 160 km solo, UT4M 160 km 4-person relay, UT4M 90 km, UT4M 40 km - and a children’s race, the UT4M Graines de Trailers.

Why come to the Ut4M 2017?

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